Acidscript is a multifunctional bot running on Discord.js

This bot has a focus on api scraping and memes,
he can retrive random image or data from a varius pool of sites (danbooru, gelbooru, rule34, furaffinity, derpibooru, ponybooru, unsplash, e621, youtube, Pokemon Central Wiki...)

and generate memes with imageflip as well as many own bot commands

despise the concentration on this two type of commands
Acidscript have a lot of basic one

Some of the commands:

Web scraping

youtube [query,options] - Search and retrive information from youtube video (you can search youtube video also specifing the date)
rule34 [query] - Search and retrive a random image from
pokemon [pokemon name|pokemon number|nothing] - Search and retrive information abot a random pokemon or a specified one


compass [user tag] - see where you or your friend lend on the political compass
poll [(title),option1,option2,option3...] - Start a poll that user can vote on
deersay [user tag] - *deer sound*


tempchan [new channel name,time,channel type] - create a temporary channel that will destroy itself when the time is elapsed
prefix [new prefix] - change the bot prefix
qrcode [text] - generate a qr code


demotivional [user tag/image url,frist paragraph,second paragraph] - Create a demotivional poster meme
chungus [user tag] - create your own chungus
wholesome [user tag/image url] - attach a wholesome 100 image